Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Guru Assasin by Moses Isaac

This Is EXACTLY How You Go From Broke And Unemployed To Making Over $29,842.33 In Less Than 30 Days
Starting With No List... No Website...
And No Money..."

Dear Friend,

Let me guess... right about now you may be wondering if all this "Hype" you're seeing is the real deal... maybe you're even asking yourself why you are, yet again, reading another "pitch from the internet" about something that claims to make a lot of money quickly and easily...

Would I be close?

If you're anything like me then you've probably seen 'em all, tried 'em all and had each and every one of them suck... sound familiar?

Yep, I hear where you're coming from. I've been in your situation before...

I've been broke...

I've been unemployed...

And even when I did have a "JOB" I seriously hated it... my boss was, without fail, the biggest jerk on the planet.

I'm not kidding! The last guy I worked for had a reputation for freaking out like a 2-year-old and throwing computer monitors at people! (True story)

But all of this is not for me to get you to feel sorry for me... it's to simply get the point across that I actually do get where you're coming from.

And what's even more important is the fact you ARE asking questions...

It Is Vital To Ask Questions... Questions Like:
Is this for real?

Will this actually work... even if I'm new?

Can I truly make money that fast?

Is this too good to be true... or will I be taken for a ride?

You always should be asking these questions... especially in today's economy.

Like I said before, I have been where you might be now... trying everything and having nothing work... no matter how much effort I put into it.

So before I continue... I Need To Stress This Point: I Am Not Special. I Do Not Have Powers Beyond That Of Mortals... I Was A Dork With A Computer...

But What I Discovered By Accident Is So Powerful, Yet So Easy, Anyone Can Achieve Success And Make HUGE Sums Of Money Online Quickly...

Even if you've been online for even a short time, you have probably noticed most other products claim to be able to show you the way to wealth... something about fast and easy. Right?

Here's the problem: I have yet to find one that is actually fast or easy! They all seem to be hundreds of pages filled with confusing techno-jargon without very much "meat".

What really shows you how to make money is something that's fast, easy, and broken down into bite-sized chunks... something that sets you up from square one... gets you making cash fast, and then shows you EXACTLY how to build...

Not too many of those around. Have you noticed?

But every now and then... one can rise above the rest.

And when that happens... everything changes.

Only Every So Often... Maybe Only Once In Your Lifetime... An Opportunity Presents Itself And
You Just Can't It Pass Up...

How Was I Supposed To Know What Techniques Would Work And Which Were A Joke??
I was a total newbie, had no experience in this at all, was blowing cash left and right...

How was there any way to know everything I was buying was guaranteed to destroy my progress?

I Had Spent Over $2,550 On "Guru How To Books" In Less Than 4 Months

The major issue here was how much of what they were selling was recycled content. In fact, I bought so many books, CDs and training kits that a pattern began to emerge!

I'm not kidding, I cracked the code of the "Guru Code"

Would You Like To Know The Ultimate Secret Of The Wealthy?

Take what everyone else is saying, re-write it into your own words and then sell it to people exactly like me. Now you can make a million dollars in 2 seconds!

Wow! Wasn't that easy?

Here's the problem with that: 5 years ago somebody might be able to get away with re-hashing the same old BS. But things have changed since then. The Internet is a vastly different place.

What made all the difference, and pulled me out of my financial hole before they came to tow my car was I stopped listening to the "Gurus" and started paying attention to what was going on around me!

THAT is what made all the difference...

Before we continue, I need to ask a question:

Are You Happy With Your Online Success?

Have The "Make Money" Books Made you the money you were looking for?

I would hazard to guess not. In fact, if statistics are any real indication I'd guess you may be just like I was, part of the 99.999% of Internet Hopefuls who loose their shirts and their dreams every year to "Get Rich Online" hype.

Let me tell you about another odd benefit that came from buying all that worthless eBook junk: You can see the truth. You can compare the stark contrast between what we are being sold, and how this business really works!

I discovered most of these wealthy online 'elite' were so busy re-writing each others books they missed the real secrets!

Most Of These So Called Gurus Know Nothing About How To Actually Run An Autopilot Business...But They Sure Love To Sell The Dream!
I’m not going to lie to you, what you’re about to read isn’t for everyone.

You see, I had to fight for my knowledge... I had to struggle every day against the insane amount of bad and misleading information....

I'll be honest, this was not easy for me to discover. I had to spend hours every day slaving away at my computer... abandoning site after site, business after business...

Until finally, after all that hard work...

I Cracked The Code And Discovered The Secret...
Looking back, over all my shattered hopes and dreams, all the lies and all the wasted effort I was clearly able to see the path I SHOULD HAVE taken...

They say hindsight is 20/20... You know what I mean?

Now all I have to do is focus on the few tactics and systems that actually work! Now it's easy!

And that's why you are very, very fortunate to have found this page.

When You Follow These Simple Step-By-Step, Copy/Paste Systems... Making Money Online Has Become Easier Than Ever!
Your life does NOT have to be like mine... you CAN make it easy!

If you take control of your situation now, stop listening to the lies and start taking a more simple approach you can turn it all around!

Now You Can Explode Your Income Faster And
Easier Than Ever!
Once I discovered the total Guru ignorance and misuse of the new technology I was able to change everything...

What I found may be uncomfortable for you to swallow, because I'm not just going to expose these secrets...

I am going to string them up for all to see...

Would You Like To Know These Vital Secrets?

With Ease You Can Now Achieve The Wealth You Deserve...

Simple Models For Total Domination...
STOP: No more confusing layouts or instructions... with your new system you can simply order more money like ordering from a picture menu!

Every business model, plan and blueprint they have never shown you... in stunning, money making video detail...

The hidden secret to getting started... how when you are a nobody with nothing using this tactic will make you more powerful than the biggest Internet Money Rockstars!

EXACTLY what to do so you can build your list fast... SHOW ME THE MONEY! Simply copy me and watch your wealth explode!

How to Create Products without actually doing anything… stop worrying about being an "expert" in something... with these crazy cash-blasting tactics you can let other people do all that "work" for you! Just sit back and collect checks!

Are You Ready To Really Get Paid? Once you have your new systems set up... you can grow them from simple Job-Slashing income to pure money-making madness! (And yes... this part is just as simple!)

Moses Isaac
Skype Id : moses1965

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